A Center for Counseling Psychology, Psychotherapy, Family Counseling, Students Counseling, Motivational Classes, Career Guidance, Emotional Problems, Adolescents, Learning  Disabilities, Individual Counseling and Couple Counseling.


In the nineteenth century the mission was to impart education. Today we realize that just imparting education will not be sufficient. We need to provide value oriented education. The lack of value oriented education already created a big gap between education and quality of life. Many are affected and wounded in many ways due the lack of quality life. To help such individuals and build up a society that is aiming towards quality life and bring prosperity to the society is very much required. This aim will be actualized only by helping wounded ones.

We help people to look at difficult situations with more clarity.  We support and encourage them to mobilize their resources and strengths to accomplish emotional and mental health goals. And we guide them towards positive life-style. Thus our counseling helps to integrate life with its many facets and it brings holistic healing.